Heroes Last Chapter Revealed


Watched the Final Chapter of Heroes Volume One : Genesis last Tuesday. I enjoyed it very much, cliffhanger and all. I’ve been dying to blog about it but karma was against me. Who would’ve thought that my most anticipated season finale this year a.k.a that one season finale that would totally rock my wobbly ass, would be aired during the week of my Final Exams? THEUNIVERSEISCONSPIRINGAGAINSTME!


Are You Watching Heroes on Star World? Read this post at your own risk!

The Last Chapter : How To Stop An Exploding Man
Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Let’s talk about the last chapter of Heroes Vol. One. Overall, the last chapter is brilliant! One way or another, almost every character fulfilled their predicted destiny (except for Sylar, who was supposed to die but didn’t). Nathan Petrelli was the one character that really surprised me in the end, for someone who was morally liquid he certainly triumphed over evil in the end. It’s certainly a good ending for actor Adrian Pasdar if NBC decided to cut his character in the Vol. Two.

One more character who managed to beat her dark side was Nikki Sanders. The last chapter sort of explored the idea of merging Nikki and her evil alter ego Jessica. We could see this happening when Nikki, who was no longer being controlled by Jessica, realized that she could actually used Jessica’s extraordinary strength without having to switch her personality.

Hiro Nakamura also managed to overcome his demons and became stronger in the process. He was also beginning to get the hang of using his ability to teleport and as a result he managed to save his friend Ando from meeting his predicted end.

Peter Petrelli was his usual I-am-ready-to-die-to-save-the-world self and I think he might have the ability to have predictive dreams or revelations whenever he blacked out. Too bad he is a bit of a retard, how in the world couldn’t he figure out that he could actually fly himself outta there and explode? Why did he have to rely on Nathan to do all the thinking for him? I wonder who he would cling on to in Vol. Two now that big brother Nathan is dead – boo hoo.

Matt Parkman
is a jerk. He needs to get his IQ checked. I mean, everyone knows that Sylar is one powerful bad ass and Parkman actually thought that he could stop the bogeyman with a gun? How stupid can you be?

As for Claire, she knew that her uncle could regenerate but she still hesitated to shoot him, what on earth is wrong with you girl? Joyce is right they are just trying to put more “tears” into the show. But come to think of it, perhaps she was afraid that she would blew his brains to pieces. Their powers are all related to their brains, no brains means no power. So maybe she’s afraid that Peter wouldn’t be able to regenerate. But if it were me, if I had to choose between a clingy retard and the entire population of New York city – trust me, I wouldn’t be having a hard time making the decision!

Mr. Bennet is my favourite character after Hiro Nakamura. I can’t see his faults. I just can’t! And, as for other characters *yawn* no comment.

Who Will Be In Season Two?

Peter Petrelli
Of course he will be back. This retard is the star of the show.

Hiro Nakamura

Well, duh.

Nathan Petrelli

If he’s smart enough to bail before Peter went nuclear, maybe.

Of course!!!!

Matt Parkman
Unless the producer realized how annoying he is, he’ll be back.

Nikki / Jessica Sanders

Nikki will be back. Not sure about Jessica.

Unless he decided to be rebellious and eloped with Molly, he’ll be back.

Hmmm yeah, maybe.

Claire & Noah Bennet

Well, duh!

He’s supposed to be dead but something dragged him into the sewer. He could be back.

Potential New Characters?

The Person Who’s Worse Than the Boogeyman

Takezo Kensei (Well, probably only in the pilot)