Transformer : The Review

I am so busy I can’t even think straight. But any movie that could make me cry, even a little, for a robot deserved an honorary mention in this blog. So I am taking some time off from my work to write this review and it’s going to be very short because I don’t have much to say about it accept for the fact that the movie is FREAKING AWESOME!

I went to watch the movie last night with my cousin, my friend and my friend’s drinking buddies. I am not a big fan of the Transformers and the only reason I tagged along to the cinema was because the movie was directed by Michael Bay – I have a thing for all Michael Bay’s movies. I have no idea why I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the movie. Perhaps it was the trailer – when I first saw it, I thought the Transformers movie would be like Herbie : Fully Loaded minus Lindsay Lohan’s tits plus some cool effects but I was wrong! The movie is freaking awesome and I can’t believe that I had the nerve to compare it to some cute Disney movie.

I don’t want to say anything about the storyline. I don’t know whether they used the original Transformers’ storyline or not because I never paid much attention to the Transformers in my life time.

To sum it all up, the Transformers movie is freaking awesome! It’s like Herbie : Fully Loaded with an Armageddon twist, minus Lindsay Lohan’s tits, plus lots of fantastic special effect!

The End.

Heat Wave

The air conditioning in my office’s building is fucked and I am writing this post with the knowledge I may have to apologize for this post later … and when I said later, I mean, much, much later when the air conditioning is fully functional again and my mind is back from the land of the dead. Do pardon me people; I think my mind is broken because it seems to associate heat with unpredictable mood swings and unhappy holidays and stupid people who thinks that it is my fault that they can’t help but screw up their computers all the time!

Imagine coming back from a long holiday and finding out that your office is actually a giant oven! How could people function in the heat? It really beats me! Leyana, you’re one lucky gal! I tell ya. Not only you gave birth to such a cute baby boy – you get to escape this torturous heat wave!

This is so unfair! My holidays were not even that great and now I have to come back to the office and endure this cruel torturous heat. Am I the only one who thinks that the world really hates me lately?

Okay, I need to stop whining about the heat and I need to stop writing this post before I start whining about this TORTUROUS HEAT again. Seriously, I need to stop. Right. Now.

Did I mention that the heat is TORTUROUS? I did? Okay, but I just want to say it again THE HEAT IS TORTUROUS!!