Mother’s Day Minus The Mother

I went to Karamunsing with my friend on Saturday. She wanted to buy a Mother’s Day present for her mother. When she was paying for the presents the sales lady looked at me and asked “Don’t you want to buy anything for your mother?” and I was like “No, thanks…” – She probably thought I was broke or something.


My uncle threw a Mother’s Day party for my grandmother last night. I couldn’t join them because I had to sit for an exam yesterday evening. I cried myself to sleep last night because I was so JEALOUS. I wanted to attend the party more than anything.

Mother’s Day is weird when you no longer have a mother.

Name Calling Is So Lame!

I have to say this, when I was writing the my Forbidden Kingdom reviews last month I forgot to give any consideration to those who actually enjoyed the movie tremendously. I must have hurt the feelings of quite a few people when I ranted about how stupid the movie was. Honestly, I sometimes forgot that some people do enjoy having stupidity as entertainment and this is really, my bad.

Due to my lack of sensitivity I seem to have provoked an underage flamer to leave a very distasteful comment here. Apparently I am an imbecile when it comes to rating movies! What a revelation! Here I thought that I’ve always been very sensible when it comes to reviewing movies! I must be very ignorant.  Thank you for pointing that particular flaw in my character, honestly, it’s my bad. I am sorry that I am such a movie snob. I am sorry that I didn’t like the stupid movie. I am sorry that I didn’t get multiple spontaneous orgasm while watching the stupid movie… I am sorry to think that the “Gate of No Gate” is the stupidest name I’ve ever heard in a movie EVER- I am sorry to feel that the movie was made to make fun of us Asians! I am so damn sorry!

But don’t call me a retard. I am 100 percent sure that my IQ level is higher that yours!

Post Scriptum:
Okay, I am flipping out because of one stupid comment.  Do laugh and enjoy this rare moment while you can because I don’t stoop to this level very often. I blame all the sleepless nights and the studying.  I am so ready to bite-off the head of anyone who dares to mess with my head. I mean it. Don’t mess with a busy Bee!