Dum vivimus, vivamus, Horace!

There is so much to say. But I’ll just keep some depressing stuff to myself. Well, maybe I’ll share a little… Someone’s been trying to imply to me that because I am a PLUMS graduate, my IT Degree almost equals to nothing! I should be sad to hear this. After all, I did struggle very very hard to complete my degree and I did it while I work my ass off trying to pay off my tuition fees without any financial help from anyone! And while I was trying to complete this degree, my mother died. I wasn’t even there beside her in her last moments because I was too busy, juggling work and school and everything! So when she died, I went to hell and back. I went through depression and thought that the only way I could redeem myself for not being there for my mother was by hurting myself. So I cut just so i could see blood and cried out all my tears. For a while I even thought about dropping out. But amazingly, I managed to glue pieces of myself back together again and forced myself to persevere!!! So, I don’t really care what people think. I am not even bothered that people think that my IT degree is useless or whatever. For me, it’s something that I achieved. A journey that I completed. I know what I did. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.

Haish. Depressing Huh? Please have amnesia after reading this. I pwomise my next entry will be less depressing.

The B List.

Every once an a while I would go to Amazon.com to hunt for books and reviews. When it comes to books, I trust Amazon. I would read tons of reviews and jot down the title of the books that I want to get my hands on. This is how I make the list of the stuff that I consider worth-reading. I used to have a very long “To be Read list”. Now as I grow older and busier… my list is getting shorter and shorter. I used to be able to read two to three books a week. Now I am down to four to six books a year! I think, I can safely say that I am no longer an avid reader.

But in the spirit of celebrating the arrival of the new year, I think I should make a new to be read list so that I could keep track of the stuff that I am going to be reading next year. I am sharing the list here with hope that if I ever get sidetracked someone would be kind enough to remind me.

The B-List

  1. 1. The Imperfectionists: A Novel by Tom Rachman
  2. 2. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
  3. 3. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  4. 4. Skippy Dies: A Novel by Paul Murray
  5. 5. Water for Elephants: A Novel by Sara Gruen
  6. 6. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

I will add more and more books as time goes by… Hopefully, I could read all books from this list before the end of next year. 🙂