It’s Your Tragedy. Not Mine.

People are attracted to tragedies in a very strange way. We are all part of a society where everyone seems to think that they should have a say in everything. We want to talk about things. We want to make it seem to other people that we have our opinions and that these opinions mattered. We talk about tragedies and act like these things changed us. We act like we are in the very center of the tragedy itself. Perhaps it is human nature; we always longed to be in the center of everything. Even if it is other people’s tragedy or other people’s pain, we want to be able to talk about it as if it actually happens to us or to the people close to us. We, human, are weird that way. We talk about other people’s tragedies as if they were our own, but we keep our own tragedies to ourselves and refused to even say a word about them.

Cory Monteith is dead and everyone is gutted. RIP Cory is trending in twitter. I seriously don’t want to say anything about it because I don’t feel that I should have any say about it. I am shocked. But that’s it. I don’t know the man. I don’t know his struggles. I don’t know his pain and what makes him tick.

The younger me would probably be able to relate to this person. But not me. Not now. I have been to hell and back. I have lost just about every person I ever cared about. I have a very long and scary battle with destructive depression. I bounced back and fort between dark and light for so many times I’ve lost count….. so NO. The person I am now cannot even begin to relate to a person who could throw every good thing he ever had and died in an apparent drug overdose. Because that’s just fucking annoying! When everyone else is still struggling to be above the surface long enough to breathe! If you could hear me now Cory, I just wanna say… You’re fucking annoying. You’re your addiction. You don’t care what kind of message you send to other struggling people out there! You don’t care how many lives you destroyed.

Well people, in case you’re sad about this. Sorry. There’s nothing sad about one fella throwing his life away when he had everything! It’s pathetic.