#FreeMarketKotaKinabalu : By the People, For the People.

The famous #FreeMarket finally touched our shores! The market took place in Masjid Bandaraya, Kota Kinabalu on 3rd April 2016, from 8am to 10.00 am.  This collaborative effort attracted around 500 visitors and 60 different contributors from all walks of life. The event was also joined by Hospital Queen Elizabeth providing free basic medical and dental check up to the public.

A Free Market is very much like a Flea Market, the only different is everything is FREE. It’s still a trade but the only type of currency accepted in this event is KINDNESS. If you want something, just ask for it nicely and say THANK YOU at the end of your transaction. This concept of this event might be a bit alien to us in Kota Kinabalu, especially those who are not familiar with the works of Syed Azmi and his crew. But about 200 Free Markets have been successfully organized all over Malaysia since it was first initiated.

Syed Azmi

Syed Azmi briefing the contributors about the Freemarket.


Our first ever #FreeMarketKotaKinabaluVisitors was a complete success. Visitors were able to choose from a wide array of items, from food, brand new wares, clothing, bedsheets and toys to vegetables that were all arranged neatly. Even though the market was estimated to last 2 hours… most stalls were completely empty by 9am. Some stalls ran out of stuff to give out within 30 minutes, especially those distributing items like sugar, eggs and rice.

Contributors came as early as 6.30am to setup their stalls and arrange their items.

Contributors came as early as 6.30am to setup their stalls and arrange their items.


Uh oh, someone had to give up his lightsaber!

Uh oh, someone had to give up his lightsaber! Doesn’t look too happy about it!



Take the clothes, but not the hangers.

I didn’t get to take that many photos. I thought I would be able to walk around once the event started. But I was wrong. Even though my booth was completely empty after forty minutes, I stayed to help out the neighbouring booths with their items. By the time it was over, most stalls were sold out and the crowd moved to the organizers section where there were free haircut booth and free giant soap balloons for children.


ladies and their shoes

Two lovely ladies and their shoes.

Dewata Raya

I wonder who’s the kind soul who decided to donate his / her old collection of Dewata Raya and Pedang Setiawan. To be honest, I almost asked for these.


Free med

Free Medical / Dental Check-up by Hospital Queen Elizabeth.


Free Tshirt

Organizers, giving out free T-Shirts.

and… last but not least, the organizers and their team of volunteers.


2 (2)

Thank you for bringing the #FreeMarket experience to Sabah!

The next #FreeMarketKotaKinabalu at Masjid Bandaraya will be on
21st May 2016 from 8.00am -10.30am.

Please contact En. Fareed (017-8310404) if you are interested to join as a volunteer / contributor.
Spot for contributors fill up fast! So hurry.