The Horror Continues….. at Imago Shopping Mall

Halloween Returns with Another Horror Story at Imago Mall! Okay, I talked about this two entries ago and I managed to score an invitation to attend the Media Event of Imago’s new Horror House, The Reformatory. The event was on a Thursday so I took a day off to attend with a bunch of media friends. Here are some of the photos that we took outside the Horror House that day (can’t take any photos inside the house though… but it was very dark inside anyway, so all we could do was scream our heads off!)


How you can gain access to The Reformatory:

  • Spend RM100 and above in accumulated receipts at outlets in Imago Shopping Mall, on a single day only. You can then redeem your The Reformatory ticket, which allows a group (of min. 2 and maximum 4 people) to enter The Reformatory.
  • A group is limited to two to four people only. You’re forbidden from bringing in valuables such as handbags, mobile phones, etc to The Reformatory. These should be kept in the locker before entry.
  • Behave accordingly! As it’s a Halloween event, there will be frightening effects. Don’t push other participants, damage the surroundings or making extreme physical contact with the staff, or else you’ll be expelled from the event.
  • Remember, if you feel any discomfort at the event, you can raise up a STOP sign (given to you upon entry), and shout STOP. You’ll be escorted out.
  • The following people are not allowed to participate in the Reformatory: People with heart problems, nervous conditions or related diseases, people who suffer from fear of enclosed spaces, those who are sensitive to strobe or flash lights, pregnant women, and children under 16 year of age.

Enter The Reformatory….


The Reformatory carries a reputation for its highly guarded and strict security system, but in reality it carries hidden secrets buried within its walls. Wails of terror can be heard from outside the walls of The Reformatory. No one knows what happened inside the prison. Are the prisoners still alive or dead? You are about to find out….


Will you survive The Reformatory?

Jonah Trish (Prisoner No. IM00015), Sam Welding (Prisoner No. IM00016), Gina Joseph (Prisoner No. IM00033), and Brenda Johnson (Prisoner No. IM00034), death row prisoners who long protested their prison sentences and claimed to be innocent of the crimes they were convicted, were all sent to a secret prison facility to be reformed, or executed if the rehabilitation fails. This secret facility is known amongst the inmates as The Reformatory. No one actually knows what happens there, but prisoners sent there never returned.

They woke one day to find their cell doors opened. The block they were in was silent. They left their cells slowly and stepped into the corridor. Blood on the floor. No, it was everywhere! As they stepped further, they found their fellow inmates on their bed, dead and desecrated. A voice called out from the dark at the end of the corridor. Two wardens, crawling on the floor barely alive, with blood flowing from their hands reaching out to them, begging for help.

The prisoners started running, a slithering sound chasing after them. They ran, only to find another warden trying to pry open the rusty metal door at the other end of the corridor. The lights flickered and went out. The air turned cold. Awfully cold. Evil cold. Chills ran down their backs. A dark shadow was slowly approaching them, and it whispered, “No mercy.” Are they alive or dead?


Upon entering The Reformatory, you will be cuffed and given a candle that will be your only source of light in the darkened halls of The Reformatory


Proceed with caution The halls are be very dark and you will run into some rabid prisoners trying to scare the living crap out of you.



At least someone is excited to enter… :p





It can’t be that bad when this dude could still chill out here, right?

We made it out of The Reformatory, alive and well! We survived without killing anyone in the process. Well, I did dropped my candle and it went out! So we (kind of stole) one candle from the stairs because we couldn’t see a thing! Other than that, it was pretty okay.


Well Obviously, this one didn’t make it… :'(

I am impressed with the whole concept of the Horror House. I loved this year’s theme and marketing campaign. I had a good laugh watching all the campaign videos! I think there’re really creative and funny. My final verdict? Well, this is definitely something that is worth trying at least once!

About the Event

Event Name : The Reformatory

Date : 14 October 2016 – 13 November 2016

Venue : The Oval (Centre Court), Ground Floor, Imago Mall, KK Times Square, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Facebook :



Website :

Evil Knows No Mercy


For more information, kindly contact:

Rustam bin Ahmad
Imago Marketing

Konsert XPAX Era Sayang Sabah

Not so long ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a music event on behalf of Breeze magazine. When I was first called I was thinking of declining because it was a rainy day and I was not keen about going alone. I called a bunch of friends and none were available at the time…. and then, I thought about all those IMPROV exercises we did at AWE’15 in Jogja this year… and realized that I was being a total wuss! I mean, seriously, I have been to shadier places in Bangkok! Alone! Yet I was afraid to go to a freaking concert alone? Booo!

So I said YES! Went alone and no, the ground did not opened up and swallowed me whole. It was fine. Going to a concert stag definitely FINE! No.. I might be down playing it a bit. It was a awesome! Ear-Splitting and Brain Damaging but… awesome!

I arrived a little bit late. I was welcomed by See Bee from Astro, she gave me my Media Pass… took me near the stage where the media people hang out. I got to bypass the crowd, that was super-great because the crowd was insane! I immediately saw my old friend there. She was there with her husband’s band (Ariez).


This is Angela. We used to climb hills together when we were kids! Sorry, no beauty shot. This is how I normally look like on a rainy Friday night.

Upon hearing that I came as Media, Angel asked me “Did you go behind the stage and took photos with Afghan? Did you? Did you?”

And my priceless reaction was “Afghan, who?”. Even in my confusion, I could hear the crowd behind me chanting Afghan’s name. I found myself wondering… Who is this sorcerer? Is he someone famous?

The show began with a local Hip-Hop Duo but don’t ask me their names,  I definitely had no idea who there were. I scrambled a bit before I remembered to adjust my camera setting. So I am sorry to the local hip hoppers. Tiada gambar kamu yang cantik. It’s been so long since I have to shoot at night. Other medias with their big cameras made me feel small with my small mirrorless.

Right after the first performance… something blew up behind the stage and suddenly the power was out. The rain was a downpour so all the media people ran close to the stage to take shelter from the rain.

The crowd though, were not moving an inch.

The crowd though, were not moving an inch.

I can’t remember how long it was. But we stood there, in puddles of water, barely concealed from the rain. Shivering and waiting for the power to come back on. I remember looking at my feet submerged in a puddle and noticing cables on the ground right next to my feet. I remember thinking “This would be the worst way to go. Electrocuted in some concert.”




I wondered briefly if I should just ditch it.

And then bam!  The show was back on again!… Took some nice photos, I did.


Donovon from Ariez. Angela's hubby who is also my old buddy from college.

Donovon from Ariez. Angela’s hubby who is also my old buddy from college.


And the show went on and on and on….



I am somewhat useless in these kinds of live shows. I really don’t listen to the radio much. I only find new songs from the movies and non-local tv series that I watch. So coming to this concert was really weird for me. Since I didn’t know most of the songs, when people sang along to the songs I just stood there like an asshat who refused to mingle. What was I supposed to do? I didn’t know any of the songs. Couldn’t even hum them if I wanted to. But Thank God, for this guy though. At least I could sing along to his song…


Altimet, singing the only song that I could sing along to that night. :p

Altimet, singing the only song that I could sing along to that night. :p


Kalau Aku Kayaaa... Hari Hari Hari Raya....

Kalau Aku Kayaaa… Hari Hari Hari Raya….

Since, I didn’t have to give any photos to Breeze… I just took photos whenever I felt like it, usually when I saw great lighting or when I saw someone I knew. Like these fellas…


Mak Jemah in da House!


Black & RJ

Black & RJ





Yeah, I am the creepy lady taking photos from between people's shoulders because I would do anything for a crazy angle.

Yeah, I am the creepy lady taking photos from between people’s shoulders because I would do anything for a crazy angle.

You know when you go somewhere and you say to yourself I am gonna take one awesome shot and I am done! Well, after taking this shot I looked at it, and I was DONE! I did not think that Akim was a good singer back in his AF days… but man, his has grown to be one hella performer! And oh yeah, because I live in a cave… I didn’t know he has this awesome band. My bad.

Akim and The Majistret. This SHOT. This lighting. Slayyyyyy.

Akim and The Majistret. This SHOT. This lighting. Slayyyyyy.

Apparently, the lighting people did an awesome job. For me to be able to take these shots without using my fast lens etc… says a lot about the quality of the lighting. Why am I talking about the lighting? What else am I going to talk about… I don’t know any of the songs remember?

Akim & The Majistet

Akim & The Majistet

And… what would a show on Sabahan soil without Stacy right? Stacy sang a duet with Akim but no good photos came out of that roll… :'( Their chemistry was a bit off!


Last but not least, the sorcerer himself. I swear to God I did not know any of his songs. But the crowd was screaming so loud when he came on stage so I figured, he must be a big deal in Malaysia right now.



My friend’s sister was going Gaga over this dude. I can understand. He’s very good-looking and when he sang that duet with that Sabahan Singer whose name I don’t know (so sorry), their chemistry was off the freaking chart!


Afghan, close up!

Don’t hate me. This is the last photo, I promise.



Afghan was the closing act. He sang about five songs. I left before the last song ended. It was a little over midnight and I anticipated that there would be a traffic jam trying to get out of there. Not knowing what to expect from a live show like this… I came unprepared. In the end, I was a little bit deaf and light-headed because I stood too near to the speakers! But overall, I had a really great time! I took a bunch of photos that I am happy with and I learned a lot about taking photos on live shows!

This is my first time ever blogging about a Music Event! (Time for me to upgrade my musical knowledge a bit)

Thanks for the opportunity Astro (See Bee) and Breeze (Dinoza)!

Pint Sized Choir Conductor!

You’ve probably seen this video on social media before. I’ve seen it a few times but I can seem to stop myself from laughing out loud every time I see this pint-sized conductor!

The baby’s name is Lara and her father also sings in this choir. This was filmed at Central Baptist Church in Kyrgyzstan. Since then this video has been seen by 6.6 million people on Youtube! She was also featured in Today’s Talk. This young lady definitely captured the hearts of many!

Can’t get enough of her? Here’s another video of Baby Lara from a different angle.


Ma da Kai?
Madadayo! まあだだよ!

Somehow this keeps echoing in my head today. I was awaken by a message from my aunt at 3am in the morning telling me to pad-lock my front grill because there has been a string of armed robberies near my place lately. So I woke up.. checked my front door, double-bolt it and then proceed to check every nook and crannies of my small apartment.
Went back to bed after that and couldn’t get myself to go back to sleep. So there I was lying in my bed and my foggy brain just pulled up the first thing that came to mind. It was the word まあだだよ (Madadayo), it means No, Not Yet! It was the title of Kurosawa’s last film.


I don’t know what the heck I was thinking but at 3 AM in the morning it seemed to make perfect sense to over-analyse a film and think about its hidden meaning! I don’t know about you but at 3 AM my mind was pretty quick. Foggy. But sharp.

This never occurred to me before but today, it occurred to me how similar the theme was with Dylan Thomas’ Do not go Gentle into That Good Night and how both were about not giving up. About putting up a fight and not letting go easily…. took me 10 years to make this connection.. (see, I actually saw that film in 2001 and read the poem in 2007). Making this silly little connection between the two was like a Eureka moment for me….. at least, a few hours ago… before breakfast and all, I thought… this was brilliant. Now, not so much. I feel sorry for my 3 AM self.

In other note….

All these weird thoughts also made me think about my mother. How when she died all I wanted to say was MADADAYO….


Seriously, who on earth think about Akira Kurosawa at 3 AM in the morning?

I swear this is not Monday Blues.

New Journey Log.

I haven’t finished talking about my previous trip but as I am writing this I am preparing for yet another trip. I will be leaving on Sunday and if all goes as planned I will be spending 14 to 20 days backpacking across Indo-China. Itinerary has been iron-stiffed. One way plane tickets, bought. All I need to do now is pack and do some last minute research about all my stops.

14 days 3 countries


Despite being nervous, I am surprisingly adamant about making this trip happen. So yeah, bravery has nothing to do with what I am doing. This is more about pushing my own limits and trying to see how far I could go with so little courage and money :p . Hopefully I’ll make it back in one piece.

Weather has been a challenge lately. One quick look on weather underground and I find myself  looking at a very tough journey ahead. Thunderstorm for the next ten days where I am going. I put my safety in the hands of God. I’ll just go and yeah think about survival once I am there!


The first leg of my journey will begin in Northern Thailand. I have never been to Thailand before. I’ve seen sooo many beautiful photos. I can’t wait to begin!! Wish me luck!

A Letter for The New Year.

Hello 2014. I finally have the chance to greet you. How are you? Hope you’re okay. The world is FREEZING. But I hope you’re okay.

As for me, I’ve been busy. I don’t even have enough time for my own website. But I have a lot of time for other people’s website. As long as they’re paying that is. 2014 is a good year to make more money. Especially when the cost of living keeps increasing.

I will not be spending much time ranting here. I am beginning to think that it is high time I begin turning this site into something else. The time for writing and self-reflecting is over. This website no longer serves those purpose.

I will, revamp. Re-theme. Re-do Everything. Look out for the new look. It will roll out sooner than you think.

So, that’s it 2014. I’ll be seeing you later.

Look down.

Have you ever seen a Rangoli? Rangoli is an Indian sandpainted design often seen in Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. Rangoli can be any size and can use a wide variety of materials. Most of the time I see it made with colored rice.


A few years ago I had the chance to see how Rangoli was made. It was our University’s light festival and a bunch of students gathered together to create this beautiful artwork. It took a lot of preparation… and hours of intricate work to come up with beautiful rangoli designs. As soon as they were finished, the Rangolis were left on the floor just like and that. No warning sign were made to warn people of their existence. I thought that perhaps since they’re so beautiful and big… people would’ve notice and would try to not to walk all over them.

I was wrong. Not a few minutes later a bunch of students walked all over them, destroying these beautiful artworks in matter minutes. As I watched this happening,I wonder if those students who made the rangolis should’ve put up a notice to make people aware of their artworks?.. and then I noticed some of the students did see the Rangolis… but they just didn’t care!

A few lessons were learned that day :

The first lesson is, if you are on top… you tend to not see what’s below you. Sometimes, people just stare up ahead and they forgot to see what’s around them. Don’t make this mistake. In life, you should be aware of your surroundings. Look around. Appreciate beauty and kindness… and if you’ve climbed to the top of the mountain, don’t just spend too much time staring at the sky. The sky may be beautiful and blue .. but there’s a vast beautiful world below you. Look down. You might see beauty. You might meet new friends. You might discover new things.

The second lesson is to know that awareness is important. If you are doing something, make people aware of what you’re doing. Especially if it is something important. Don’t just leave your work on the floor for people to walk all over it. Put up a sign. If you value something, make sure that you let people know that you value it. Like ‘time’ for example. You may hate waiting around for people. So let them know. If you don’t, people wouldn’t know that you value it so much and will unintentionally waste your time.

The third lesson, sometimes, you will meet people who just don’t value things. These people could see beauty and not appreciate it. They will see injustice done and not do anything about it. Not because they can’t. But because they just don’t care. Avoid this people. They will bring you down. …. Also make sure you are not one of these people. Not caring, is the worst thing to be in this world.

Choose to be aware. If you are not aware of the world around you, it would be hard to be grateful.